Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas In July

When I was growing up in Philadelphia - many years ago now it seems! - Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving. Santa Claus would appear at the end of the Thanksgiving parade, go into Gimbles which was CLOSED that day, signaling that tomorrow began the Christmas Season. Now Back to School supplies are in the stores in JULY, Halloween displays are set up early in September and by the time Halloween is over, the leftovers are rubbing shoulders with Christmas displays. Most stores will be open Thanksgiving evening at 5:00. So Thanksgiving dinner will either be forced to become Thanksgiving lunch. Yes, many younger retail workers won't particularly care, but more and more retail workers aren't that young. They have families and would like to be with them. When I see people in tents outside a store, I can't help but wonder where the priorities lie. I like nice things as much as the next person, but shouldn't there be a time when the commercial world slows? Just for a day or two? My husband and I lived in Germany in the 70's. On Sundays and holidays, most shops were closed, not just in Germany, but everywhere. Only restaurants and shops that catered to tourists were open on Sundays. It was nice to see people out and about with their families. We've lost that in this once great country of the United States of America. We're that much the less for it.

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