Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Autumn Paints In Colors Summer Has Never Seen."


Fall color always comes late in October in the Mid Atlantic area. Despite that people always seem to be surprised. They are always surprised at the lingering warm weather, the changes in temperature from day to night. I'm not sure why. If you pay ANY attention to the world around you, you'll see that both fall and spring are times when the weather is in flux. It's normal. It really is. We'll see the same thing in  the spring. We'll see people say how the weather is crazy. No it's not. As a kid I can remember Halloweens when it was freezing and others when it was so warm that I sweated under the heavy layers my mother insisted on swaddling me in lest I catch a cold. We lived in Maryland until recently and went to a park that was planted with tulips. Some years it was warm and beautiful full of picnickers and people playing frisbee. Other times it was cold and windy. This year fall colors came in very late. The best color I saw was in November in Pennypack Park which is right near where we are living right now. It's reminiscent of a book by the found of Temple University, Acres of Diamonds. Sometimes the best things are in your own backyard. 


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