Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Light In The Darkness

A blog that I follow was a bit sad this month. The writer talks about her despair at this crazy world. As photographers, she suggests, we need to show some light. So here's a start. 

It's December. The days will get shorter and shorter until December 21st. Then, slowly but surely, the days will get longer. It isn't really that noticeable until February - at least to me. Right now I find myself looking at the clock at 5:00 and wondering why I feel sleepy. I'm very much a day person who responds to light and warmth. We're not getting much of either lately with so much rain and clouds. 

Winter celebrations go back probably to almost cave man days. People needed to find the light in the darkness. The story of Hannukah is all about lighting a candle in the darkness. Christmas, Winter Soltice, Yule - they're all about bringing the light. 

So I'll probably get more into light this month starting with these pictures. Every year the people of one block of 34th street in the Hampden section of Baltimore light up the block. Every house is ablaze. One house has a hubcap tree, wheels and more. The houses sit very high so there's lots of room to decorate. They all have porches too. The very first picture is the end house that decorates with not just lights but trains, stuffed toys and music as well as a video showing the story of 34th street. 

Crime has been a big problem in Baltimore. A resident of 34th street was assaulted on his front porch. Some people there threatened to refuse to decorate their homes. However cooler heads prevailed. Thank you, 34th Street for not giving in to the darkness.  

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